Parents Lead Charge as More States Push Back Against Common Core

Common Core continues to be a top concern in the states, with Mississippi and Wisconsin being the latest states taking steps to distance themselves from the controversial standards.

Mississippi is considering full repeal of the Common Core standards. State senators Michael Watson and Angela Burks introduced legislation to repeal the standards last month, with Watson telling Mississippi “will end up with our own standards that are better, higher and cleaner than Common Core.”

This measure follows Republican Gov. Phil Bryant’s December 2013executive order affirming Mississippi’s right to define their education standards.

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Congressman Wilson and S.C. Superintendent Spearman Hold Press Conference To Restore Local Control Over Education

Jan 26, 2015 Press Release
(Columbia, SC) – Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) and South Carolina Superintendent of Education, Molly Spearman, today held a joint press conference at the State House to discuss efforts to restore local control over education. Wilson issued the following statement regarding his bill, the Local Control of Education Act, which he will introduce today in the House of Representatives. This bill prohibits the federal government from mandating that states adopt a specific curriculum or set of academic standards, such as the Common Core State Standards:

“The quality of our children’s education is too high a priority to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach,” Wilson said. “What works in New York or California may not work here in South Carolina, and the federal government’s overreach into our state’s school system is unprecedented.

“Over the past several years, the Obama Administration has used a combination of education grants and waivers to coerce states into adopting Common Core State Standards, which has increased federal control over our schools’ instructional content, academic standards, and assessments. Currently, states that have adopted these standards face losing their waivers should they choose to repeal Common Core – meaning states and the taxpayer dollars they depend on are held at the mercy of bureaucrats in Washington.

“My bill would return control over education to the states by prohibiting the federal government from using grants or waivers to mandate, incentivize, or coerce states into adopting Common Core. For states that have already adopted Common Core, it would ensure that any previous requirements for waivers would be void, and the U.S. Secretary of Education would be prohibited from requiring states to agree to any new conditions in order to keep their existing waiver.

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Teachers reprimanded for speaking out against Common Core

Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted reports Tuesday that teachers are being reprimanded for speaking out against Common Core standards on social media.

A teacher in Rapides Parish, in Alexandria, La., was “written up” for writing a negative post on Facebook about the controversial standards, according to Town Talk.

“This is a hot national debate,” the teacher told the paper. “Why can’t I comment? I did not say a word about anything locally.”

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Common Core Sample Lesson Teaches ‘Evolving Nature of Constitution’

A sample Common Core lesson plan for 8th graders, provided by a nonprofit group founded by the three lead writers of the Common Core standards, teaches that the U.S. Constitution is an “evolving” document and that the nation’s founders only considered white males with property as persons under the law.

Student Achievement Partners, founded by Common Core “architect” David Coleman – now College Board president – and lead writers of the standards Jason Zimba and Susan Pimentel, provide the classroom resource. The education group received $6.5 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the main source of private funding for the Common Core, and is focused solely on implementation of the Common Core standards.

As CNS News notes, the lesson plan is based on Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution by Linda R. Monk, which is listed as a suggested reading for 8th graders on page 95 of the Common Core Standards.

Student Achievement Partners states that the goal of the sample “two-day” lesson is “to give students the opportunity to observe the dynamic nature of the Constitution through the close reading and writing habits they’ve been practicing.”

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The Undoing of PARCC & Common Core

Inevitable? For four years, D.C.-based special interests have repeated that “the Common Core standards have been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia; they’re here to stay.”

But we knew better. Common Core is meaningless without national tests to lock in implementation.  Today, the Partnership for Readiness in College and Careers (PARCC) national assessment is a sinking ship, and states are bailing on it as fast as they can.

PARCC is one of two federally funded consortia developing national assessments aligned with Common Core. Its $160 million in federal funding hinges upon its ability to maintain a membership of at least 15 states.

But PARCC’s membership map is shrinking – fast.

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Rasmussen: Common Core Support Plummets Among Parents With School-age Children

A new Rasmussen poll finds that support for the Common Core standards among American parents with school-age children has dropped dramatically.
The telephone survey of 1,000 adults conducted June 21-22 found that only 34 percent of American adults with children of elementary or secondary school age now favor requiring all schools across the nation to meet the same Common Core education standards, an outcome that Rasmussen observes is an 18-point drop from 52 percent in early November of last year.
According to the survey, 47 percent oppose the controversial, nationalized standards, compared to 32 percent in the prior survey. Of those polled, 19 percent were undecided.

“[…]what it tells us is unsurprising: The more people learn about the mediocre quality, the unfunded mandates and the questionable legality of the Core, the less they like it.”

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