Reasons for HWRSD School Committee to choose MCAS over PARCC

Given that:

  • there is no discernible educational benefit to children for moving from MCAS to PARCC
  • the concept of “inevitability” is not born out (evidenced by multiple states backing out of Common Core)
  • Massachusetts is already ahead of most of the country in terms of educational standards
  • Pearson who administers the PARCC test is now under investigation [1][2]
  • there are real questions about the sale of student data [3]
  • Mitchell Chester, head of DESE, is now under investigation for conflict of interest [4]
  • the Massachusetts legislature has designated a study about the cost of the “Cost-Benefit Analysis for PARCC” won’t be concluded until the end of the summer
  • multiple Massachusetts school districts have decided to delay implementation of PARCC for at least this year (Cambridge for example) [6]

I would recommend that the school committee vote to stay with MCAS.



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