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Congressman Wilson and S.C. Superintendent Spearman Hold Press Conference To Restore Local Control Over Education

Jan 26, 2015 Press Release
(Columbia, SC) – Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) and South Carolina Superintendent of Education, Molly Spearman, today held a joint press conference at the State House to discuss efforts to restore local control over education. Wilson issued the following statement regarding his bill, the Local Control of Education Act, which he will introduce today in the House of Representatives. This bill prohibits the federal government from mandating that states adopt a specific curriculum or set of academic standards, such as the Common Core State Standards:

“The quality of our children’s education is too high a priority to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach,” Wilson said. “What works in New York or California may not work here in South Carolina, and the federal government’s overreach into our state’s school system is unprecedented.

“Over the past several years, the Obama Administration has used a combination of education grants and waivers to coerce states into adopting Common Core State Standards, which has increased federal control over our schools’ instructional content, academic standards, and assessments. Currently, states that have adopted these standards face losing their waivers should they choose to repeal Common Core – meaning states and the taxpayer dollars they depend on are held at the mercy of bureaucrats in Washington.

“My bill would return control over education to the states by prohibiting the federal government from using grants or waivers to mandate, incentivize, or coerce states into adopting Common Core. For states that have already adopted Common Core, it would ensure that any previous requirements for waivers would be void, and the U.S. Secretary of Education would be prohibited from requiring states to agree to any new conditions in order to keep their existing waiver.

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