Common Core – Pause on PARCC

If, like many people, you are only vaguely aware of the issue of “common core” and a pending national education curriculum, watch this ten minute overview from our friends at Massachusetts’ own Pioneer Institute.

Some school officials opposed to Common Core are pointing out that MA Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester (who we’ve reported on before for issuing a radical school transgender bathroom policy) has a vested interest in the adoption of Common Core and that the decision to embrace it in MA could not possibly have been impartial. While many parents and even legislators are only recently growing aware of Common Core and the problems it presents for our schools, Lakeville, MA Representative Keiko Orrall has been working to slow down the rapid advance of Common Core.  She wants to give state education leaders the opportunity to determine whether adoption of the Common Core standards and PARCC testing really is in the best interests of MA students and communities.  Rep. Orrall’s “Pause on PARCC,” Amendment #52to the state budget is identical to her House Bill 4197, which is garnering broad bipartisan support.  The amendment aims to delay the implementation of Common Core until the DESE issues a thorough assessment of both its academic quality in comparison to our current state standards, AND the true cost of its implementation.  

Andover, MA Representative Jim Lyons has also submitted an “Amendment in Defense of Local Education,” which would eliminate funding for the DESE to implement Common Core.  

Call your legislator today and ask them to support Amendments #52 “Pause on PARRC” and #67 “Defense of Local Education.”

(If you are unsure of your State Representative’s name or need their phone number, you can quickly look it up here: )

See if your school has been selected to field test the PARCC this month.  


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