The administration in the Hamilton Wenham Regional School District (HWRSD) wants to improve the education it provides to all children in the district in an era of tight resources. At the same time, the federal government with the “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top” initiatives have set major wheels in motion that force educational mandates down through the state of Massachusetts, and are translated into policies that affect each of our teachers and children.

Across the country, citizens have begun to wake up to the fact that these centrally defined mandates are not working.  In fact, these programs may be causing long term damage to the educational future of our children.

This site is dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and citizens come up to speed with these issues, and help them to bring their own thinking to bear in a democratic way to help shape what makes sense for our kids.  You will begin to learn about phrases such as “Common Core”, and “teacher evaluations”, and “1:1 iPad Learning”.  Some of the programs may not be as they appear in the marketing materials.

Become educated and join the dialogue.  This is NOT a partisan issue.  All of us want to see our kids succeed.

Why the commotion about iPads, Common Core, and PARCC?

What is Common Core?

What is PARCC?

Will HWRSD lose funding if we opt out of Common Core/PARCC?

What’s happening in neighboring school districts and around Massachusetts?



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