There are so many resources on the breakdown of the new Common Core, PARCC evaluation regime, it’s hard to keep them all, but these are some particularly good ones.

It’s important to learn what’s happening behind Common Core.  Here about the curriculum that is transform American public education.

Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta

In the Political realm:

If anyone is curious why big business loves Common Core so much (including why Apple is so pleased with the 1:1 iPad leases), read Republicans See Political Wedge in Common Core.

For more evidence that Common Core is very similar to Obamacare in it’s intent and design, read ObamaCare and Common Core – both are bad to the bone.  The author points to the very thing being proposed by Dr. Harvey.  More administration, more bloat, and more control.  It has nothing to do with education.

Are you a parent, angry that the state is messing with your child’s education, and want to respond to a Massachusetts Call to Action?

 For speaking with School Boards

This link is to a series of scripts with solid information that the school committee should know.  If you are so inclined, take a look at them for yourself.

In the realm of humor

Meet The Common Core’s Latest Critic: Comedian Louis C.K.


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